Watch Dogs & Mobile Strike will be released between April

Ubisoft today indeed central to the new prima donna in the gaming industry. Successfully attracted worldwide attention through the success of Assassin’s Creed franchise incredible, publisher developers while this one is not afraid to try out the market with few titles no less anticipated. With charm, genre, and the complexity of its own, Ubisoft indeed save so many cool games in their arsenal. We’re talking about a project like The Division, Child of Light, and of course the latest Assassin’s Creed series, all of which slide in 2014. But above all, Ubisoft also still have one name that is so eagerly anticipated at the end of last year but had to be postponed – Watch-Dogs.

Apart from the existing enthusiasm, Ubisoft delays do indeed seem increasingly designed to finalize this one game. After a mystery when this Mobile strike game will actually be released to the market, Ubisoft finally began to open a little detail.

In the fourth quarter financial report recently released, Ubisoft clearly write down the time of release of Watch Dogs were ready to go for the first quarter of 2014 – which means it will be thrown around the month of April to June 2014, although no definite release date. On the same occasion, Ubisoft also announced the postponement of Watch Dogs Wii U version will be released with a time lag after the version of the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC released.

and How to hack mobile strike? Does this mean the rumors earlier was writing on 25 April of 2014 as the release of Watch Dogs will be proved right? For now, only time will prove it. Can not wait!