Ubisoft Showcased The Division Engine – Snowdrop & GTA 5

The new engine is one of the most important foundations for defining a new generation of gaming, this is an undeniable fact. With the presence of Playstation 4 and Xbox One on the market, as well as increasingly fascinating PC technology, developers and manufacturers are certainly encouraged to maximize the potential of raw abilities, of course, to pursue better levels of realism. Competing tightly, the latest engines like Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, GTA 5 hack , Konami’s Fox Engine, to Ubisoft’s Disrupt and Anvil are beginning to show their maximum shape. But one of the anticipated action of course is Snowdrop.

For those of you who simply follow the development of the game industry, Snowdrop is certainly not a foreign engine name. The “snow” is the engine behind The Division – one of the best visual games in E3 2013 event. Extraordinary realism, despite the fact that it is an open-world action MMO game with a little taste of GTA 5 makes it more interesting to anticipate.

How great is Snowdrop? Along with the ongoing 2014 GDC event, Ubisoft Massive demonstrates the toughness of this engine. Ease of building elements more effectively while maintaining good visual detail is an advantage. The latest trailer released to prove it also includes several previously unreleased gameplay screens. And as can be predicted, The Division looks amazing!

The Division itself is planned to be released in late 2014, for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course – PC. Looks awesome frakking!