Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition Goes to PS 4 / Xbox One!

An open-world game that is so different from other competitors’ series, the United Front Games and Square Enix – Sleeping Dogs blend comes with its own appeal. The Hong Kong setting that flows thick when most of the open-world games are always oriented in the United States is just one of the strong identities that make it interesting. A battle system that focuses more on empty-handed attacks and stories that seem to take you back to the classic Hongkong action movie reinforces the selling point. Not surprisingly, this game managed to attract a large fan base. Big enough to make sure NBA Live Mobile re-released.

Square Enix has not publicly announced this yet, but the sales package that has been released on the giant retailer site – Amazon seems to be unofficial confirmation that Sleeping Dogs will indeed be released for the latest generation platform. Just as they did with Tomb Raider, Square Enix will also release Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Version Definitive Edition is claimed deliberately rebuilt to perform optimally in both these consoles. Along with the sales package, Square Enix will also include a 28 page art concept book.
List of Amazon retailers unofficially confirms the existence of Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition for NBA Live Mobile Coins  and Xbox One. As with the Tomb Raider, it is claimed to be present with a special rebuilt visual quality for the latest generation platform.

Amazon itself fixes the price of USD 60 for versions Xbox One and Playstation 4, indicating that such as Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition will also be sold at full price. This version is scheduled to be released on 14 October 2014, without any certainty whether to slide for the PC or not. Square Enix itself is still shut up related leaking this information.