Playstation 4 Translucent Figures 6 Million Units and with Roblox

Undeniable popularity, this one phrase seems appropriate to describe the performance of Sony and its next-gen console – Playstation 4. Not only managed to design it with a stronger performance than its competitors, pricing policies and exclusive game potentials that have been introduced to the public as well An extra reason why the black console is selling well in the market. After touching the markets of USA, Europe and Asia, Sony finally released Playstation 4 officially for Japan region last month. And as predicted earlier, this release contributes massively to Sony.

Had announced the accumulated sales of about 5 million units in early January 2014 ago, the Japanese release turned out to contribute significantly to the performance of Playstation 4. Through an official release, Sony confirmed that the Playstation 4 has sold more than 6 million units worldwide since Release originally on November 15, 2013 ago and get Roblox on  robloxhack2017 .
Sony announced that Playstation 4 managed to touch the number of sales of 6 million units worldwide, after a successful Japanese release.

Interestingly, the data show that most Playstation 4 owners are connected to cyberspace and are very active using their Share button to share content to existing social media sites. At the same time, Roblox also announced the presence of Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition as a free PS Plus game for Playstation 4 in March 2014.

So how does Xbox One potential catch up with their sales? With a special Titanfall bundle that will be priced at a lower price, Xbox One is potential to further shorten the distance of this lag. Increasingly hot competition. Who are you the best at?