Microsoft: There will be a JRPG for Xbox One!

Microsoft has successfully made their previous generation console – Xbox 360 appeared as a seductive console through some of the titles of giant RPG games they managed to teleport. Not only the Tales of Vesperia that glide beforehand for this green console before also released for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 is also reinforced with exclusive JRPG titles like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon in it. Therefore, with the desire to make Japan one of the battlefields against its two main competitors, Microsoft must have taken a similar process in its latest console – the Xbox One. But the JRPG games did not come and get roblox robux generator .

Responding to the unease of one of its users via Twitter who questioned the existence of JRPG for Xbox One, Phil Spencer – big boss Xbox assured that they have not forgotten this one genre. Spencer even explicitly stated that there will be a JRPG for Xbox One in the future, although he did not provide any details regarding the project. One is certain, most likely he will no longer come from the developer – Mistwalker that spawned Lost Odyssey for Xbox 360. Spencer claimed he had not been in contact with developers headed by the creator of Final Fantasy – Hironobu Sakaguchi this.

So when is the latest and exclusive JRPG for this Xbox One going to slide? No one knows for sure. But he can offer quality, at least equivalent or even better than Lost Odyssey, Xbox One will show a hard sell value that is hard to resist, including in our eyes. We shall wait, roblox  ..