Little Nightmare Review

On April 27, 2017 yesterday, Bandai Namco has released a unique game titled Little Nightmare for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC devices. Little Nightmare itself is a game developed by developers Tarsier that presents a pretty interesting gameplay to play.

For those of you who do not know what Little Nightmare is like, a little explanation. In this game presents a horror sensation about the trauma of childhood, with only a flashlight, you must pass through the darkness and one important thing you should focus on to avoid the dangers that are around. You can also fall from altitude, there are also disturbing things around, of course staying in NBA Live Mobile will not be as easy as imagined.

So whether Little Nightmare only presents a scary gameplay course? Is this game fun to play? Before playing, it’s good to see the CityGame reviews about this unique game first.

Everyone must have experienced a nightmare, based on this Little Nightmare game presents an interesting storyline. Because at the start of the game, there is no story explaining why there is a child wearing a raincoat and waking up in an outdated box. You are only equipped with the appearance of a woman who only looks briefly.

It’s annoying, without any explanation of the story line you suddenly dijebloskan directly on the gameplay and required to explore every area that suguhkan. But that’s the interesting part, because you can find out the background of the NBA Live Mobile coins hack  game step by step after you have passed each stage.

In this game you will control the figure of a small child who does not have any ability, except running, jumping, pulling, pushing and turning on the matches he has to illuminate the area he passes. By using it, you must bring the child to solve the puzzle on each stage to proceed to the next stage. And that is where the point of the game Little Nightmare gameplay.