Layton’s Mystery Journey Review

They told me the truth, I never really found the time to jump in the game Professor Layton. This means that Layton Mystery Journey Katrielle and Millionaire Conspiracy are the first titles in Layton with whom I spend time. But … they’ve all been so disappointing, have not they? I mean that the previous game should be the best, if not why there is even a franchise?

The mystery of Layton Journey follows Katrielle Layton’s exploits while she supports the detective family business for the first time. The different cases to be resolved appealed, like a bit silly, but silly in this way delighted Phoenix Wright. There is no spoiler, but the solution for the first super official event is captivating and I would probably love the game (and the series) it’s not a problem that I’ll go a little later. Mysteries and characters are really, really funny and well put together and you can visit dragon ball z dokkan battle hack .

This is also a very good game. An incredible animated scene with a style that evokes a bit of Studio Ghibli, and there are plenty of them. The game tricks look so good, with cartoon characters and painters painting. At least, that’s what I thought at first. Then I realized that the characters and the background are in 3D 3D, not in the 2D flat hand, which is just … I mean “wow”. Congratulations. This is good, honest.

Unfortunately, Layton Mystery Travel is a personal matter. For starters, this tutorial is unbearably slow and painful. It takes time to get to game meat, with too many pieces of sluggish dialogue to get through just to be able to do something as simple as zooming in place to investigate. Yes, it is important to teach people how to play, but this tutorial is very slow and conscientious as you think they are written for small children – that makes no sense when you consider the difficulty of the -te puzzle. Or, you know, the fact that many read and get dragon ball z dokkan battle hack.

Reading can also be a pain in itself. Some puzzles and many tips written very, very awkwardly. At the point where he understands that puzzle solutions are much harder than necessary. Heck, there is a big headache involving the weight of two piles of sugar I always get even after finishing it. How many of these words is written is frustrated and does not need to be blunt.

As for the puzzles themselves, well … they just are not fun. Mysterious mystery puzzles, and ordinary puzzles are less developed and boring, so I’m afraid every time a puzzle is presented in the game because I know it will be tedious to work hard or less explain the disaster. This is a puzzle game, and the puzzle is the worst part. This is not acceptable.

I hate I hate puzzles in the mysterious journey of Layton, because I like almost everything else. It looks great, the characters are fun, scenarios and beautiful cases, but the puzzles are annoying and frustrating. Maybe the series is always like that. I’m not experienced enough to know. But after the Layton Mystery journey, I did not care enough to go back and find out.