Fixed PC Gaming Platform Developer Eyes Top Rated and Pokemon Go

The gaming industry is a business, this may be a mindset that is often overlooked by gamers as potential consumers. Apart from its appeal and that are designed to offer a bit of fun, the game still built with one main goal – making a profit as possible for developers and publishers are devoting resources to develop them. With so many platforms in the market, Pokemon go publishers would have to choose a “home release” with the greatest potential in the future. And one that shows this positive trend, simply and solely, is Sony’s latest console – the Playstation 4.


In an open survey on the Game Developers Conference 2600 containing therein game developers, Playstation 4 console appears as the most popular. Approximately 20% of the total developer is developing the project for nex-gen console Sony, superior 3% of Xbox One that is entrenched in the top 17%. Not only that, the current generation consoles such as Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 was still quite popular, with 14% and 12% of developers still keep her game project. Nightmare comes from the Nintendo Wii U – which is now supported by only 4% of the total existing developer and get Pokemon Go hack on here.

But apart from starting the mounting popularity of Playstation 4, prima donna developers still rely on the two most massive platform today – tablets and of course, a PC. More than 51% of developers claimed was developing projects for the mobile market, while the highest – 52% confirmed that it will release their flagship game project to a PC or Mac. But unfortunately, there are no further details as to what games that will be visited this second most massive platform.

This is of course a pretty good news for PC, which has always predicted would “end up”, especially with the release of AAA games are often released exclusively for consoles. However, the trend of this massive amount also is unpredictable, especially with the growing popularity of indie that did make the PC as the “home” the most potential. The future for PC gaming still looking bright ..