Developer NBA Live mobile: EA is Not a Wicked Company!

EA is a nightmare, it is indeed a prejudice that grows very “fertile” among gamers. Regardless of Titanfall’s release with Respawn’s success and almost no problems, EA is hard to improve, especially with the myriad of unpopular policies they gave up some time ago. Chaos in the release of SimCity and Battlefield 4, along with the overly pushy microstransactions policy in Dungeon Defender and PvZ 2 make EA a “common enemy”. And for the third time, he came back as the worst corporate candidate in the United States. However, there is little support for this publisher. One of them came from the iconic figure of the gaming industry – and how to hack NBA Live mobile .

Peter Molyneux – the brain behind the birth of the Fable franchise reacted to the reelection of EA as one of the worst corporate candidates in the US. Molyneux asserts that EA is not a bad publisher company. Instead, it is revealed that EA has actually done so many good things to advance the industry including the acquisition of several existing developers. However, EA’s goodwill to create a more professional work environment makes developers lose their identity and “taste”. Molyneux reveals that a process like this could make some companies better, or worse.

Apart from the reasons expressed by this NBA Live mobile , EA is often overwhelmed with controversy, especially the orientation to the benefits that so become the main focus, sometimes even sacrificing the quality or comfort of the game itself. Would Molyneux’s argument be enough to “save” EA from the worst corporate hole in the United States? Let’s wait.