Dev. Twisted Metal Prepare New Horror Game for PS4?

If there is one genre that always get a special place for each Sony console output, then the horror arguably as a golden child of its own. In the Playstation 3 era, Sony injected a sinister series – the phenomenal Siren and Playstation 4 reinforced with a teaser of Kojima – P.T ‘s genius who heightened the standard. With some other game titles that also take the concept of a thriller in the future, Sony does not seem to stop there. Signal of a new generation horror game flows strongly from the famous developers through the game of fighting cars –  cooking Fever hacks .

David Jaffe – the brains behind Sony’s exclusive franchise such as Twisted Metal and God of War are reportedly preparing a new game that will launch for the Playstation 4. Confirmation has not been launched yet, but Jaffe reportedly will announce this mysterious project at next week’s Playstation Experience event in Las Vegas. A video teaser has been launched, indicating that the game may be carrying the name “Haunted” and will be developed by the new developer studio Jaffe – The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency. A creepy aura seen in this teaser, with extra appearance of Jaffe’s own figure that looks different.
With Until Dawn still in the process of development and the Haunted cooking Fever project on this one, the Playstation 4 seems to be a comfortable “home” for horror gamers. Hopefully, it turns out awesome ..