Destiny Beta Now Open to All Players

Destiny became one of the most anticipated gaming presence by console gamers in 2014 this year. The beta stage of the Bungie game is also pretty much attracted the interest of gamers who already curious.

The good news, if previously Destiny Beta can only be accessed by those who have the code obtained after registration and pre-order, now Bungie announced that all PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 gamers can taste it without exception and do not need any code and you can get FIFA 17 coin generator .

For current-gen console gamers, there is only one requirement, which is PS Plus subscription for PS4 and Xbox Live Gold gamers for Xbox One gamers. Terms that are not excessive remember to be able to play multiplayer online gamers must have it on FIFA 17.

“We have been monitoring your adventure with great interest, and listen to every input. Your mission has provided us with a variety of inventions that we can use to set up Destiny (final version) at its September launch, “Bungie said.

In addition, the company explained that their work is still far from finished. This is why Bungie opens the public beta stage. “A lot we can learn. To be able to make this work, we need more Guardians to play. This, above all, is a test, “he concluded. Interested?