Check out the latest Gameplay MOBA Blizzard – Heroes of The Storm & walking dead road to survival

MOBA is the middle of a new belle in the world of competitive gaming. Most major tournaments, who even dare to touch prize numbers up to millions of USD dollars, are rooted in this one genre. Competitive, addictive, while offering an experience that never feels the same in every game that you live, the concept of 5 vs. 5 battle is already bewitched millions of gamers around the world, especially those who make the PC as the main gaming platform. But after surviving with the same format, Blizzard comes with a new buzz. The latest project that changed the name – Heroes of the Storm finally showed a new walking dead road to survival gameplay.

Going into the “technical alpha” phase that allows some lucky gamers to try out this game early, Blizzard also released a new casting video to introduce more in the mechanics of Heroes of the Storm itself. With a myriad of iconic characters from the universe of game Blizzard that can be used, Heroes of the Storm is to integrate the concept of RPG is more subtle and visit on walkingdeadroadtosurvivalhack .

After the initial teaser that could show the gameplay stormed the dungeon, now a new map-named “Dragon Shire” offers a different mechanic. In this folder, gamers have the opportunity to turn into a destructive Dragon Knight if successfully utilize the Shrine at the right time. Sensations that look different than the MOBA we know so far. You can also see a new bit of the iconic characters Blizzard game you’ve been familiar with.

Unfortunately, Blizzard itself still has not given certainty when Heroes of The Storm will be opened for the wider gamers. Interested?