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Developer NBA Live mobile: EA is Not a Wicked Company!

EA is a nightmare, it is indeed a prejudice that grows very “fertile” among gamers. Regardless of Titanfall’s release with Respawn’s success and almost no problems, EA is hard to improve, especially with the myriad of unpopular policies they gave up some time ago. Chaos in the release of SimCity and Battlefield 4, along with the overly pushy microstransactions policy in Dungeon Defender and PvZ 2 make EA a “common enemy”. And for the third time, he came back as the worst corporate candidate in the United States. However, there is little support for this publisher. One of them came from the iconic figure of the gaming industry – and how to hack NBA Live mobile .

Peter Molyneux – the brain behind the birth of the Fable franchise reacted to the reelection of EA as one of the worst corporate candidates in the US. Molyneux asserts that EA is not a bad publisher company. Instead, it is revealed that EA has actually done so many good things to advance the industry including the acquisition of several existing developers. However, EA’s goodwill to create a more professional work environment makes developers lose their identity and “taste”. Molyneux reveals that a process like this could make some companies better, or worse.

Apart from the reasons expressed by this NBA Live mobile , EA is often overwhelmed with controversy, especially the orientation to the benefits that so become the main focus, sometimes even sacrificing the quality or comfort of the game itself. Would Molyneux’s argument be enough to “save” EA from the worst corporate hole in the United States? Let’s wait.

Check out the latest Gameplay MOBA Blizzard – Heroes of The Storm & walking dead road to survival

MOBA is the middle of a new belle in the world of competitive gaming. Most major tournaments, who even dare to touch prize numbers up to millions of USD dollars, are rooted in this one genre. Competitive, addictive, while offering an experience that never feels the same in every game that you live, the concept of 5 vs. 5 battle is already bewitched millions of gamers around the world, especially those who make the PC as the main gaming platform. But after surviving with the same format, Blizzard comes with a new buzz. The latest project that changed the name – Heroes of the Storm finally showed a new walking dead road to survival gameplay.

Going into the “technical alpha” phase that allows some lucky gamers to try out this game early, Blizzard also released a new casting video to introduce more in the mechanics of Heroes of the Storm itself. With a myriad of iconic characters from the universe of game Blizzard that can be used, Heroes of the Storm is to integrate the concept of RPG is more subtle and visit on walkingdeadroadtosurvivalhack .

After the initial teaser that could show the gameplay stormed the dungeon, now a new map-named “Dragon Shire” offers a different mechanic. In this folder, gamers have the opportunity to turn into a destructive Dragon Knight if successfully utilize the Shrine at the right time. Sensations that look different than the MOBA we know so far. You can also see a new bit of the iconic characters Blizzard game you’ve been familiar with.

Unfortunately, Blizzard itself still has not given certainty when Heroes of The Storm will be opened for the wider gamers. Interested?

Rocksteady Announce Batman: Arkham Knight & Marvel Contest of Champions

Not a few gamers are disappointed with the direction that brought WB Montreal to the best superhero game franchise in the game industry today – Batman Arkham. Through the series released some time ago – Origins, WB Montreal trying to explore the past Bruce Wayne when just beginning to work as The Dark Knight. Not many changes to the mechanical side of the previous series and just have to struggle with a series of fatal bugs that even WB Montreal no longer cares about. With a myriad of problems here and there, many gamers, including us, certainly missed the presence of Marvel Contest of Champions – the mastermind behind Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. The waiting is finally paid and get on  marvel-contestofchampionshack .

After being rumored some time ago, Rocksteady Studios finally announced their latest game Batman game. Present as a sequel to Arkham City and is claimed to be the closing series of Arkham, Rocksteady prepares the latest Batman next-gen game – Batman: Arkham Knight. Through a short trailer also released, Batman will again fight to quell Gotham’s evil forces that fall in the hands of Two-Face, Harley Quinn, Penguin, and of course – Marvel Contest of Champions.

One thing that is interesting from the trailer titled “Father to Son” is, Rocksteady seems very focused on the presence of Batmobile as the main vehicle Batman. Exclusive information glides on the gaming site – GameInformer indicates that gamers have finally had the chance to drive this Batman car in Arkham: Knight. To facilitate this, this game will also certainly be carrying the city of Gotham is much wider, with the streets are also wider. Rocksteady ambition to integrate this Batmobile with the ability to gliding and grappling Batman himself.

This will be Batman’s next-gen project first, as Rocksteady has confirmed that Batman: Arkham Knight will not be released for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The game is ready to slide onto the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2014, though Still does not have a definite release date. Can not frakking wait!

Game Goat Simulator & hill climb racing Finally Get Release Date!

Are you tired of being human? Your routine begins to feel boring and can no longer be tolerated? Hobbies no longer keep you entertained? You need an escape? So, there is no more effective way than to start playing the role and feel the beauty of life as a goat. This “crazy” concept is being offered by a Swedish developer – Coffee Stain Studios. Through their latest game – Goat Simulator, you will have the chance to live life as a goat that is “in action” in the middle of a small town. Can not wait? The release date for this exclusive PC hill climb racing game is finally ensured.

Born just as an early joke, a strong positive response from gamers in cyberspace eventually encouraged Coffee Stain Studios to develop the Goat Simulator seriously, even making it a commercial project. After a mystery, the developer finally set April 1, 2014 – to coincide with April Mop – as the release date of Goat Simulator and get on hill climb racing hack 2017  .

Your task as a goat is not only an exploration, but also an opportunity to destroy all the objects that exist. Successfully throwing unique and funny styles with him, you will earn more points. The Goat Simulator will also be supported by Steam Workshop allowing other users to develop and modify content for it, from mere missions, settings, to their own goat type.

You can start this pre-order Goat Simulator process, exclusively on PC with only about USD 10 only. How about you? Interested to live life as a “crazy” goat?

Square Enix sets release Murdered: Soul Suspect & NBA Live Mobile

Supernatural detective game, Murdered: Soul Suspect, will certainly launch for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. Having previously confirmed in June 2014, Square Enix finally announces the exact date.

According to the publisher, NBA Live Mobile is scheduled to be available in North America from June 3, 2014. As for them gamers who are in the European region should wait at least until 6 June.

As is known Murdered: Soul Suspect developed by Dark Void and Airtight Games who had worked on Quantum Conundrum. The game takes location setting in Salem, Massachusetts.
Murdered Soul: Suspect will be released on June 3, 2014 upcoming for PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

The story begins when the protagonist Ronan O’Connor is killed in the hands of an unknown assassin. O’Connor who has become a gwaya spirit also intend to reveal the case of his own murder by interrogating the ghosts that roam in Salem and get NBA Live Mobile hack on  nbalivemobilezone .

With the certainty of the date from Square Enix, gamers interested in Murdered: Soul Suspect can include it in the June shopping list. How about you? Interested in this game?

Playstation 4 Translucent Figures 6 Million Units and with Roblox

Undeniable popularity, this one phrase seems appropriate to describe the performance of Sony and its next-gen console – Playstation 4. Not only managed to design it with a stronger performance than its competitors, pricing policies and exclusive game potentials that have been introduced to the public as well An extra reason why the black console is selling well in the market. After touching the markets of USA, Europe and Asia, Sony finally released Playstation 4 officially for Japan region last month. And as predicted earlier, this release contributes massively to Sony.

Had announced the accumulated sales of about 5 million units in early January 2014 ago, the Japanese release turned out to contribute significantly to the performance of Playstation 4. Through an official release, Sony confirmed that the Playstation 4 has sold more than 6 million units worldwide since Release originally on November 15, 2013 ago and get Roblox on  robloxhack2017 .
Sony announced that Playstation 4 managed to touch the number of sales of 6 million units worldwide, after a successful Japanese release.

Interestingly, the data show that most Playstation 4 owners are connected to cyberspace and are very active using their Share button to share content to existing social media sites. At the same time, Roblox also announced the presence of Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition as a free PS Plus game for Playstation 4 in March 2014.

So how does Xbox One potential catch up with their sales? With a special Titanfall bundle that will be priced at a lower price, Xbox One is potential to further shorten the distance of this lag. Increasingly hot competition. Who are you the best at?

Thief & Madden Mobile Successfully Steals First Position in UK

The gait of the old series that underpins the birth of the stealth action genre in the gaming industry, the Thief reborn news is certainly something to be anticipated. Through the cold hands of Square Enix and Eidos Montreal who seemed to be crazy about the reboot, Thief finally slid into the market a few weeks ago. The Madden Mobile  game that asks you to perform the role as a master thief is getting a response that is quite diverse, either from the media or the fan base who has been waiting for this process long. But despite all the criticism he received, Thief was successful to be the best in the UK market and you can visit madden-mobile-hacks  .

As an effective thief, it is not difficult for Garrett to help Thief steal the top spot on the UK’s popular weekly game charts. A strong release on most of today’s gaming platforms makes this game the best. While on the other side, the same new game – PvZ: Garden Warfare that slid for Xbox One had to settle for debuting in fourth position. And like the previous trend,Madden Mobile   is still a game that continues to dominate the top of the UK ladder, with re-enter the top three positions. Then the most popular games that follow the success of this Thief? Here is the full list:

  • Thief
  • Lego Movie Videogame
  • FIFA 14
  • Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • Battlefield 4
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes
  • Minecraft Xbox 360
  • Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

How many of you have played Thief? How the impression does he offer? For those of you who are waiting for Thief review from us, we do hope to release it within couple of days ..

DLC The Last of Us and & CSR Racing 2 to Present New Multiplayer Maps

Naughty Dog has provided Left Behind DLC for The Last of Us which brings up the story of Ellie’s past and her best friend and fills the plot gap as she tries to save Joel’s life.

Now, the good news is back for you PS3 gamers who are still waiting for another surprise from the developers. Naughty Dog is preparing the latest CSR Racing 2  that reportedly will bring some new content for both single-player and multiplayer modes and get on  csrracing2hacks  .


“(DLC) is filled with multiplayer content like new maps, new weapons, new skills, and includes the new difficulty for single-player campaign,” said Eric Monacelli of Naughty Dog.

Please note that DLC can then be obtained with Season Pass for USD 19.99. With Season Pass, gamers will receive 3 CSR Racing 2 at a time, including Abandoned Territories Map Pack and Left Behind. Unfortunately, there is no information when Season Pass The Last of Us will be launched.

Just additional information, Naughty Dog and Sony recently released a 9-minute documentary video. In the video you can see behind the scene from The Last of Us: Left Behind. Check out the video below.

Flappy Bird Comes in GTA IV

Although it has been pulled from the app store, the remnants of the glory of Flappy Bird can still be felt by gamers around the world. No wonder if today many games are trying to offer similar concepts in order to imitate its success. Interestingly, the popularity of the flat-faced birds was also attracted the modder’s interest to present it in their work.

Modder named ‘julionib’ and ‘quechus13’ have recently released Flappy Bird mods for Grand Theft Auto IV! Gamers who instill the mod will see Niko Bellic using a Flappy Bird mask. Then, what impact to gameplay?

You can fly down the city and step on pedestrians who are around you for value. Like the real Flappy Bird game, you must press the button repeatedly so that Niko does not fall to the mainland. Crashing an object or falling will get your score back to zero.

You can fly down the city and step on pedestrians who are around you for value. Like the real Flappy Bird game, you must press the button repeatedly so that Niko does not fall to the mainland. Crashing an object or falling will get your score back to zero and visit on gta5hack2017 .

Strange indeed. But since this is a mod, whatever the concept is the right of the modder. Live your decision whether the gamers want to taste the mod or not. To be sure, you who want to feel back the high difficulty level of Flappy Bird must try it. Curious? Consider just the following video.

Capcom Dino Crisis Will Reboot and NBA Live Mobile

How many of you had heard the name before Dino Crisis? One of Capcom’s successful franchise has become one of the series of games that not be overlooked by gamers who had tasted the Playstation golden age in the past. Who would not be interested in the game that allows you to beat the massive sized dinosaur with a series of heavy weapons that kill. Not only that, reinforced with countless stunning visual quality at the time, and Dino Crisis Dino Crisis 2 was born as an incredible action game and   NBA Live Mobile Hack No surveys.

Longing to enjoy this franchise back is minimal expectations, let alone see Capcom policy today. But as see the light at the end of the tunnel, this rumor into something long we later. A slide information of one of Europe’s largest gaming media – OXM UK who openly stated that Capcom is currently busy working on the reboot process for Dino Crisis. OXM also reported that Capcom is ready to introduce the project to the public this year as well, although not clearly detail the exact date. Capcom still silent and not give any official comments related to rumors on this one and get NBA Live Mobile.

Dino Crisis reboot if indeed this be true, it is certainly not the first reboot process Capcom, considering similar projects also occurred in their other franchise – Devil May Cry and proven positive gain considerable reaction among gamers. How likely Dino Crisis reboot this will become a reality? No one can be sure to confirm Capcom out of his mouth.

Our hope? If this dream finally come true, I hope Reboot Dino Crisis is not to fall into three of our biggest nightmares: introduced as mobile games, is offered as a free to play game, or worse – become clones Lost Planet with a different skin. Please Capcom, give us another chance to taste a new Dino Crisis in a proper way ..