Capcom Dino Crisis Will Reboot and NBA Live Mobile

How many of you had heard the name before Dino Crisis? One of Capcom’s successful franchise has become one of the series of games that not be overlooked by gamers who had tasted the Playstation golden age in the past. Who would not be interested in the game that allows you to beat the massive sized dinosaur with a series of heavy weapons that kill. Not only that, reinforced with countless stunning visual quality at the time, and Dino Crisis Dino Crisis 2 was born as an incredible action game and   NBA Live Mobile Hack No surveys.

Longing to enjoy this franchise back is minimal expectations, let alone see Capcom policy today. But as see the light at the end of the tunnel, this rumor into something long we later. A slide information of one of Europe’s largest gaming media – OXM UK who openly stated that Capcom is currently busy working on the reboot process for Dino Crisis. OXM also reported that Capcom is ready to introduce the project to the public this year as well, although not clearly detail the exact date. Capcom still silent and not give any official comments related to rumors on this one and get NBA Live Mobile.

Dino Crisis reboot if indeed this be true, it is certainly not the first reboot process Capcom, considering similar projects also occurred in their other franchise – Devil May Cry and proven positive gain considerable reaction among gamers. How likely Dino Crisis reboot this will become a reality? No one can be sure to confirm Capcom out of his mouth.

Our hope? If this dream finally come true, I hope Reboot Dino Crisis is not to fall into three of our biggest nightmares: introduced as mobile games, is offered as a free to play game, or worse – become clones Lost Planet with a different skin. Please Capcom, give us another chance to taste a new Dino Crisis in a proper way ..