Albert Wesker Will Return in Resident Evil 7 & Monster legends

Resident Evil is indeed at a crucial junction, to determine the future of its own franchise. Regardless of the criticism of the older series fans who have begun to question Resident Evil’s “survival horror” image since the fifth series, Capcom does not seem to change the identity of this one. Each new series just strengthens its impression as an action game, even enough to trigger the reaction of the creator – Shinji Mikami to create The Evil Within along with his new studio – Tango Gameworks. Rumors about the presence of Monster legends hack was already kissed some time ago, but still a mystery. However, the existence of this latest series is getting stronger after a photo leaked in cyberspace.

Capcom is rumored to be announcing the latest series for the giant franchise in the event E3 2014. Once these rumors surfaced, all suspect this will be a moment to introduce Resident Evil 7 to the public. This information itself is likely to be valid, after a photo spread. Through his own official Twitter account, two motion capture actors – Ken Lally and Reuben Langdon show a photo of the mo-cap process they are undergoing with clear-written Resident Evil hashtags. So where did the rumor of Albert Wesker’s presence arise?

For those of you unfamiliar with the Resident Evil franchise, Albert Wesker is the main antagonist of the main series of Resident Evil in the past, before finally confirmed “dead” in the ending of Resident Evil 5. Rumors of the return of this character are noticed since Ken Lally has been Is the main actor who portrayed Albert Wesker, while Rueben Langdon plays Chris Redfield in Monster legends . Does this mean these two characters will fight back in Resident Evil 7? The probability is indeed large. The second possibility, is a reboot / prequel series where Wesker and Chris are still in a camp.