Month: January 2018

Remedy Performance Alan Wake Gameplay 2 and Super Mario Run

When a flashlight is much more important than a large-caliber machine gun, you must have understood that you are dealing with a unique “action” game. This is what may be felt by gamers who had tasted the project from Remedy Entertainment in the past – Alan Wake. The atmospheric horror survival atmosphere coupled with the extraordinary power of the story makes it a difficult project to forget. Not surprisingly, many gamers are dreaming of a sequel series, which unfortunately, never shows the bridge of his nose. But that does not mean, Remedy never interested in trying it.

Why you still can not play super Mario Run Coins generator 2 until now? This question seems more appropriate to the Microsoft as a publisher, rather than Remedy as a developer. Why? Because based on the latest interview with Sam Lake – Remedy creative director with gaming site – Polygon, Remedy has actually developed Alan Wake 2 since 2010 ago. They’ve even built a prototype on it, showing the world for the first time, the form of this game. Remedy is ambitious to inject many new things in it, especially from the concept of fiction into the real world that became the main theme.

But unfortunately, when showing this prototype for the first time to Microsoft, the manufacturer of Xbox 360 and Xbox One is apparently not interested. They prefer to build a franchise with a different sensation, which eventually gave birth to the latest action game from Remedy – Quantum Break. Through the video gameplay above, you can even see some sessions Quantum Break game that looks clearly inspired from basic mechanics Super Mario Run this.

Does this mean we will never see Alan Wake 2 again in the future? Or will Microsoft open its chance to reappear to the gaming industry after Quantum Break finishes? Let’s wait.

As is known in the game DICE Battlefield claim, the destruction effect called Destruction is already an indispensable characteristic. Evidently, the technology makes war become more realistic where the buildings on maps can be destroyed by bullets and explosions.

Even so, DICE was planning to minimize the effects of Destruction in the game teranyarnya, Super Mario Run. Not that eliminating, just that, will not be used as much as found in Battlefield.

What is the reason? In an interview with Engadget’s website, DICE’s General Manager, Patrick Bach, explained that the Destruction effect equivalent to the Battlefield series is unsuitable if applied to Star Wars.