Month: April 2017

Thief & Madden Mobile Successfully Steals First Position in UK

The gait of the old series that underpins the birth of the stealth action genre in the gaming industry, the Thief reborn news is certainly something to be anticipated. Through the cold hands of Square Enix and Eidos Montreal who seemed to be crazy about the reboot, Thief finally slid into the market a few weeks ago. The Madden Mobile  game that asks you to perform the role as a master thief is getting a response that is quite diverse, either from the media or the fan base who has been waiting for this process long. But despite all the criticism he received, Thief was successful to be the best in the UK market and you can visit madden-mobile-hacks  .

As an effective thief, it is not difficult for Garrett to help Thief steal the top spot on the UK’s popular weekly game charts. A strong release on most of today’s gaming platforms makes this game the best. While on the other side, the same new game – PvZ: Garden Warfare that slid for Xbox One had to settle for debuting in fourth position. And like the previous trend,Madden Mobile   is still a game that continues to dominate the top of the UK ladder, with re-enter the top three positions. Then the most popular games that follow the success of this Thief? Here is the full list:

  • Thief
  • Lego Movie Videogame
  • FIFA 14
  • Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • Battlefield 4
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes
  • Minecraft Xbox 360
  • Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

How many of you have played Thief? How the impression does he offer? For those of you who are waiting for Thief review from us, we do hope to release it within couple of days ..

DLC The Last of Us and & CSR Racing 2 to Present New Multiplayer Maps

Naughty Dog has provided Left Behind DLC for The Last of Us which brings up the story of Ellie’s past and her best friend and fills the plot gap as she tries to save Joel’s life.

Now, the good news is back for you PS3 gamers who are still waiting for another surprise from the developers. Naughty Dog is preparing the latest CSR Racing 2  that reportedly will bring some new content for both single-player and multiplayer modes and get on  csrracing2hacks  .


“(DLC) is filled with multiplayer content like new maps, new weapons, new skills, and includes the new difficulty for single-player campaign,” said Eric Monacelli of Naughty Dog.

Please note that DLC can then be obtained with Season Pass for USD 19.99. With Season Pass, gamers will receive 3 CSR Racing 2 at a time, including Abandoned Territories Map Pack and Left Behind. Unfortunately, there is no information when Season Pass The Last of Us will be launched.

Just additional information, Naughty Dog and Sony recently released a 9-minute documentary video. In the video you can see behind the scene from The Last of Us: Left Behind. Check out the video below.

Flappy Bird Comes in GTA IV

Although it has been pulled from the app store, the remnants of the glory of Flappy Bird can still be felt by gamers around the world. No wonder if today many games are trying to offer similar concepts in order to imitate its success. Interestingly, the popularity of the flat-faced birds was also attracted the modder’s interest to present it in their work.

Modder named ‘julionib’ and ‘quechus13’ have recently released Flappy Bird mods for Grand Theft Auto IV! Gamers who instill the mod will see Niko Bellic using a Flappy Bird mask. Then, what impact to gameplay?

You can fly down the city and step on pedestrians who are around you for value. Like the real Flappy Bird game, you must press the button repeatedly so that Niko does not fall to the mainland. Crashing an object or falling will get your score back to zero.

You can fly down the city and step on pedestrians who are around you for value. Like the real Flappy Bird game, you must press the button repeatedly so that Niko does not fall to the mainland. Crashing an object or falling will get your score back to zero and visit on gta5hack2017 .

Strange indeed. But since this is a mod, whatever the concept is the right of the modder. Live your decision whether the gamers want to taste the mod or not. To be sure, you who want to feel back the high difficulty level of Flappy Bird must try it. Curious? Consider just the following video.

Capcom Dino Crisis Will Reboot and NBA Live Mobile

How many of you had heard the name before Dino Crisis? One of Capcom’s successful franchise has become one of the series of games that not be overlooked by gamers who had tasted the Playstation golden age in the past. Who would not be interested in the game that allows you to beat the massive sized dinosaur with a series of heavy weapons that kill. Not only that, reinforced with countless stunning visual quality at the time, and Dino Crisis Dino Crisis 2 was born as an incredible action game and   NBA Live Mobile Hack No surveys.

Longing to enjoy this franchise back is minimal expectations, let alone see Capcom policy today. But as see the light at the end of the tunnel, this rumor into something long we later. A slide information of one of Europe’s largest gaming media – OXM UK who openly stated that Capcom is currently busy working on the reboot process for Dino Crisis. OXM also reported that Capcom is ready to introduce the project to the public this year as well, although not clearly detail the exact date. Capcom still silent and not give any official comments related to rumors on this one and get NBA Live Mobile.

Dino Crisis reboot if indeed this be true, it is certainly not the first reboot process Capcom, considering similar projects also occurred in their other franchise – Devil May Cry and proven positive gain considerable reaction among gamers. How likely Dino Crisis reboot this will become a reality? No one can be sure to confirm Capcom out of his mouth.

Our hope? If this dream finally come true, I hope Reboot Dino Crisis is not to fall into three of our biggest nightmares: introduced as mobile games, is offered as a free to play game, or worse – become clones Lost Planet with a different skin. Please Capcom, give us another chance to taste a new Dino Crisis in a proper way ..

Fixed PC Gaming Platform Developer Eyes Top Rated and Pokemon Go

The gaming industry is a business, this may be a mindset that is often overlooked by gamers as potential consumers. Apart from its appeal and that are designed to offer a bit of fun, the game still built with one main goal – making a profit as possible for developers and publishers are devoting resources to develop them. With so many platforms in the market, Pokemon go publishers would have to choose a “home release” with the greatest potential in the future. And one that shows this positive trend, simply and solely, is Sony’s latest console – the Playstation 4.


In an open survey on the Game Developers Conference 2600 containing therein game developers, Playstation 4 console appears as the most popular. Approximately 20% of the total developer is developing the project for nex-gen console Sony, superior 3% of Xbox One that is entrenched in the top 17%. Not only that, the current generation consoles such as Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 was still quite popular, with 14% and 12% of developers still keep her game project. Nightmare comes from the Nintendo Wii U – which is now supported by only 4% of the total existing developer and get Pokemon Go hack on here.

But apart from starting the mounting popularity of Playstation 4, prima donna developers still rely on the two most massive platform today – tablets and of course, a PC. More than 51% of developers claimed was developing projects for the mobile market, while the highest – 52% confirmed that it will release their flagship game project to a PC or Mac. But unfortunately, there are no further details as to what games that will be visited this second most massive platform.

This is of course a pretty good news for PC, which has always predicted would “end up”, especially with the release of AAA games are often released exclusively for consoles. However, the trend of this massive amount also is unpredictable, especially with the growing popularity of indie that did make the PC as the “home” the most potential. The future for PC gaming still looking bright ..

Watch Dogs & Mobile Strike will be released between April

Ubisoft today indeed central to the new prima donna in the gaming industry. Successfully attracted worldwide attention through the success of Assassin’s Creed franchise incredible, publisher developers while this one is not afraid to try out the market with few titles no less anticipated. With charm, genre, and the complexity of its own, Ubisoft indeed save so many cool games in their arsenal. We’re talking about a project like The Division, Child of Light, and of course the latest Assassin’s Creed series, all of which slide in 2014. But above all, Ubisoft also still have one name that is so eagerly anticipated at the end of last year but had to be postponed – Watch-Dogs.

Apart from the existing enthusiasm, Ubisoft delays do indeed seem increasingly designed to finalize this one game. After a mystery when this Mobile strike game will actually be released to the market, Ubisoft finally began to open a little detail.

In the fourth quarter financial report recently released, Ubisoft clearly write down the time of release of Watch Dogs were ready to go for the first quarter of 2014 – which means it will be thrown around the month of April to June 2014, although no definite release date. On the same occasion, Ubisoft also announced the postponement of Watch Dogs Wii U version will be released with a time lag after the version of the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC released.

and How to hack mobile strike? Does this mean the rumors earlier was writing on 25 April of 2014 as the release of Watch Dogs will be proved right? For now, only time will prove it. Can not wait!