2018 Garden Trends – we predict the key aspects of your garden

Make the most of your garden, whether you want to dine outdoors, grow your own vegetables, or enjoy the many benefits outdoors for your health.

Upon entering the New Year thinking of warmer weather and time spent outdoors, some of the Society of Garden Designers (SGD) main designers provide their predictions about new park trends for 2018, including planting, materials and style. We can expect to see in our garden this year.

1. Life outdoors

According to award-winning park designer John Wyer FSGD, the outdoor structure should be large by 2018, not just your summer pavilion. Pergola pairs and swivels – with drainage, illumination and integrated heating will become an integral garden element, while outdoor kitchens will continue to gain popularity, with special rooms for cooking, eating and entertaining.
2. Asymmetric pattern

While the polygonal pavement was great at RHS Chelsea last year, it’s all about asymmetry in 2018, says Society of Garden Designers. Prepare to see contemporary updates about classic crazy paving with large scale natural stones, says Cassandra Crouch MSGD. The gardens will also feel less structured, because the geometric lines and hard surfaces are softened by planting, and the edges are ruptured to create the flavor of the garden that has existed for years and you can visit botanica garden center.

3. Ecological garden

Designer James Scott MSGD believes that gardens designed to promote the environment and encourage wildlife will also be great in 2018 with native plants and locally-sourced ingredients becoming more and more popular. Similarly, as interest in our own food production continues to grow, we will see an edible planting trend with greenhouses again.
4. Copper accents

Copper, both as material and color, will have a major impact by 2018, according to Paul Hensey of FSGD. As you age with a beautiful blue-green patina, a hard copper landscape can give you a wonderful warm feeling to the plantation and contrast with the surrounding pebbles, rocks or wood.

If the perennial copper color is favored, copper-coated stainless steels will be a popular alternative while, in general, we will see the displacement of the shiny stainless-steel coating, says Cassandra Crouch MSGD, with natural patina becoming popular. .
5. Wood effect tiles

We’ve seen them become more and more popular in interior design, and now wooden porcelain tiles should be a trend in garden design suggesting designer John Wyer FSGD who used them two years ago. years in the award-winning park. Chelsea flower show In 2018, we will use it for floor coverings and coatings in various models.
6. Limestone

After taking over the stage in the award-winning garden of James Basson at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show last year, Limestone is expected to return to this year’s home garden with the introduction of a stronger semi-toned stone than the bright white Variety from a few years ago, reflecting a warm color palette and naturally popular in interior design. Adolfo Harrison MSGD also predicts a tendency to mix different stones together to reflect the different colors and tones in the garden itself and for another garden on http://www.livetomanage.com .
7. Textured Arms

Handmade bricks and textured pavers will be great by 2018, says designer Jane Finlay, their irregularities and imperfections bring natural elements to small towns gardens; While the fine oak blocks, mimicking genuine wooden pavers, still seen in historical settings such as the Blenheim Palace, are also scheduled for popularity.
8. Tree plants

This is a bush this year, says the designer of the Society of Garden Designers. We will stay away from natural crops and grasses